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This form will be sent to our "Minister Of Properties" (Daisy Frazier), for all building use requests. Once your building use request has been accepted, we will use this form as details of your event. A $100 refundable deposit is also required upon approval

The buildings and properties of Bread Of Life Church, Fond du Lac, WI are held in trust by the members of The Bread Of Life Faith and Works Community Churches under the corporate ownership of BHPB Ministries, Inc. and is a place of worship, Christian Education, nurture, community outreach, and service. These properties and facilities are to be used "primarily" for our local church ministries.

However, we recognize that our ministries to members and to the community are enhanced through a broad use of our facilities. Therefore, it is our intent to make these properties and facilities available to other groups, including religious, charitable, cultural, community service, fellowship, and educational groups, as well as to individuals that fall within these guidelines set by BHPB Ministries, Inc., Bread Of Life Church and it's Minister Of Properties.

God is best glorified and the ministry of Christ enhanced when the resources and gifts of the church can be used to enhance, and to change for the better, people’s lives. Our church building is a resource and a gift that can be used to truly make a difference.

Priorities: The use of the Church building should be consistent with the purposes of the Bread Of Life Church and its program areas. All requests for use of the church building, equipment and grounds must be within the guidelines set and approved by the Minister Of Properties, or in special cases; the Senior Pastor/Owners.

The priorities for use of Church facilities are:

First – Ministries, 
organizations, and committees of the Bread Of Life Church

Second –  Member use for special occasions with Refundable security deposit required.

Third –  Programs, 
organizations, and committees of other ministries and  Churches. Refundable security deposit required. 

Fourth – Groups and organizations of other religious denominations and affiliations. Refundable security deposit required

Fifth – Non-profit community organizations on a regular basis (Member) Refundable security deposit required

Sixth –  Non-profit community organizations (non-member) special occasions limited yearly basis (Fee Based) Refundable security deposit required.

Prohibited Activities:  The church may not be used for any of the following:
*Partisan political groups or activities.
*For-profit activities from which the church receives no direct benefit.
*Serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages.
*Any purpose which is not consistent with the beliefs, mission and vision of BOLFWCC.

In order to use Church facilities, each applicant must fill out an application and submit it to the Minister Of Properties or Church office. Completion of the form is unnecessary for Auxiliaries and groups that are part of Bread Of Life Church; however, all events must be scheduled through the Church Office for general review by the Minister Of Properties. 

Once an activity has been scheduled and approved, the originator must pay the refundable security deposit unless there is a sponsorship waiver agreement by the MOP or Senior Pastors/Owners.

User Fee: All users of the Church facilities other than programs, organizations and committees of the Bread Of Life Church will be assessed a fee from $50 - $300 based on need and are asked to additionally share the cost of building maintenance, 
utilities, and custodial service. These fees and expenses are shown here.

Other policies of note:
BOLFWCC is a smoke and alcohol-free grounds and facility.

*Use of the keyboard, drums, organ  and'or other instruments requires special permission from the Minister of Music. 

*Cleaning, breakdown and removal of all items must be removed at the end of the event unless there is special permission for the MOP. Any and all damage to Church property shall be paid for and is the sole responsibility of the user. Non-Bread Of Life Church groups using church facilities on an on-going basis must provide evidence of adequate liability insurance coverage and, upon request, shall name the BHPB MINISTRIES, INC,  as an additional insured. 

*Children and Youth on premises: All youth activities shall be adequately supervised by adults at all times.

*Audio/Visual Systems: Our audio/visual and lighting control systems may only be used when an audio technician is present or by special permission and training from our A/V Minister.

Special Note:  Any infraction of these policy rules and/or guidelines may result in immediate cancellation of use, before or during the event and a forfeiture of any fees paid including any refundable deposit.